July 22, 2009

Bad Minton Beating

There are such... particular acoustics in the badminton court.  Everything echos.   It sounds so empty, but so loud.  And chaotic.  I wanted to control the sounds.  Thank you Yoshi, for your help in creating the idea for AMPLIFIED BADMINTON.   
I made some simple contact microphones by soldering piezo transducers to audio cable.   That audio cable could then be put through an amp.  
Rosie Eveleigh and I worked together to create ('Bad Beats'  'Band Minton')  We made sponge absorbers for the mics and attached them to badminton rackets so that when the shuttlocock made contact, it would create loud amplified 'beats'...  In the quest for more interesting sounds we ran the audio cable through garage band.  From here we could apply effects so that the sounds created when the shuttlecock hit the racket could be distorted, echoed and delayed.  We could make music while playing badminton!   This video was fairly early on in our attempts to make music.   It only shows the sounds amplified, not modulated.  It is when the cable ran through the computer that it got really interesting. 

Banished to a smaller room for our 'live performance', we still managed to create some interesting and evocative sounds alongside some keyboard accompaniment (thank you to Charlie Cameron and Jack Latham).  Unfortunately there is no video evidence.

What are those interesting projections on the wall?  They are some kaleidoscopic films that Rosie and I made. 

(Sound is not mandatory)

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rosanne eveleigh said...

i will get up the REAL ONE asap have to do it overnight because it takes 5+ hours (lazy computer!)